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Eggy Bread (French Toast)

Eggy bread or French toast, is a timeless classic. There’s not much to say about itexcept that is is an delicious treat and it’s  quick to prepare and cook. However, it is essential this goes in my blog as in my home, there are few breakfasts that exist without it. And as I said before, if I want to try and master cooking, I need to try everything from roast beef to homemade ice cream, no matter how easy or hard it is.

Eggy Bread

From reading various alternate recipes, I’ve found that people like to personalise their own by adding all sorts of extra ingredients and some prefer it sweet with sugar and cinnamon (As you can see, I opted for sweet!). Whatever way you make it, whatever ingredients you add, it guarantees you a delicious breakfast if you make it right. Continue reading



A Saturday morning spent rifling through cookbooks is not unusual for me. Especially when the wonderful device that is the Aga, takes up most of the kitchen and waits, ready to be used. This weekend, however, I stumbled upon the desserts section of my favourite read, ‘The Aga Book’ by Mary Berry (who is undoubtedly the queen of cakes – and Agas for that matter).

My Eton Mess

For the next half an hour, I found myself nestled in an armchair, mouth watering at the prospect of recreating one of her delicious desserts. The Meringue. Very simple recipe, but always tastes fabulous. One thing I love about the meringue is how versatile it is. It can be made into a Pavlova with a few extra ingredients, whipped into tiny peaks sandwiched together with a tasty cream filling or even crumbled with seasonal fruit to make an Eton mess. A fond memory of my childhood (which I am currently still in) has been decorating pre-made ones straight from Mrs Sainsbury and Mrs Tesco with squirty cream and fresh fruit. I decided to relive that memory, with better results and as a teenager. Continue reading


Hello world!

Welcome to my new food blog – Ayoungfoodie.

I plan to master the art of cooking and this is a record of the long and magical journey in which I wish to partake!

I will be cooking everything from apple pie to beef casserole – so read on to find out which recipes are the best.

Just to let you know, I have both an Aga and a Oven, so the timings will be in a mixture of both. Let me welcome you to my Aga.

My Aga ❤

Let the journey begin!