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Eggy Bread (French Toast)

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Eggy bread or French toast, is a timeless classic. There’s not much to say about itexcept that is is an delicious treat and it’s  quick to prepare and cook. However, it is essential this goes in my blog as in my home, there are few breakfasts that exist without it. And as I said before, if I want to try and master cooking, I need to try everything from roast beef to homemade ice cream, no matter how easy or hard it is.

Eggy Bread

From reading various alternate recipes, I’ve found that people like to personalise their own by adding all sorts of extra ingredients and some prefer it sweet with sugar and cinnamon (As you can see, I opted for sweet!). Whatever way you make it, whatever ingredients you add, it guarantees you a delicious breakfast if you make it right.

Makes: 2 pieces of toast

Soaking in the mixture


2 eggs

2 slices of white bread

2 tablespoons of milk

3 tablespoons of oil (vegetable/olive)

Teaspoon of butter

Salt and pepper to taste

Optional extra ingredients (ham, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, sugar, herbs)


1. Put the frying pan on a medium heat and add the oil and butter. Leave that to heat up while you prepare the mix.

2. Break the eggs into a container, add milk, your other ingredients, then salt and pepper to taste. Lightly whisk.

3. In a shallow dish, lay down the bread, pour the mixture evenly over it and leave to soak for 2-5 minutes.

Frying away!

4. Add the slices of egg-infused bread into the pan and turn the heat down low. Turn the bread after 5-7 minutes and leave for a further 4 minutes on the other side.


Author: ayoungfoodie

Lover of lomography and typical food-crazed teen. In the process of rekindling her passion for blogging.

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