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Vanilla Crepes with Sauteed Bananas

Here I am, once again, with another delicious recipe, from another fellow foodie. This time it’s Yum! Nummy Nums (nummynums.wordpress.com). This is brilliant, as it removes all the blending and waiting for hours on end and comes and comes up with a pretty yummy result (albeit, not as tasty as the Parisian ones; they have the extra ingredient of authentic-ness). I pity those who may not know what a crepe is, and for them I will explain.

Delicious with maple syrup

They are, simply put, pancakes, but thinner, tastier and 1000x more awesome. Part of the experience is watching the French make it – the batter oozing onto a hot plate, and slowly cooking, giving off a gorgeous smell… So grab any friends named ‘Jean’ or ‘Claude’, get out any striped shirts, put on some ‘Edith Piaf’ and hold on to your berets, you’re in France!  Continue reading



Ham, Cheese and Tomato Open Tart

Remember all those apple pastry recipes from the last couple of days? Of course you do. This recipe was taken off the back of the cardboard boxes containing the very same puff pastry I used before. It seemed simple enough. For the magical feat of designing a recipe which tastes amazing and is ‘oh-so-easy’ to make (very few can do this), I give you Jus-Rol’s Ham, Cheese and Tomato Open Tart!

All puffed-up

I am a huge fan of quick and easy recipes that make me look like a supercook, and this is yet another one of them. An open tart is like a pizza, but with a pastry base, rather than a doughy one. The key to success with a tart is a good flavour combination. Whether yours is meat or vegetarian, sweet or savoury, you need to have a bunch of ingredients that complement each other beautifully. Although for my first time I’ve played safe with the classic cheese and tomato combo, for the future I plan to try more exotic tastes. Yes, I will be making this recipe again. And again. And again. If you have to take just one savoury recipe from my food blog, then take this one.  Continue reading


Super-easy Soda Bread

Never had I ever made bread from scratch before Saturday and boy, do I want to make it again. This was part of the three-course meal I made for my Dad and serves as a delicious accompaniment for the tomato soup recipe I recently gave you. This recipe was taken from my cousin’s brilliant food site (monksandhiggsonfood.co.uk) and is all her own. I think.

Golden AND Delicious

Soda bread appears in various cuisines and is a type of bread where bicarbonate of soda is used to raise the dough, not yeast. The traditional recipe includes buttermilk, flour, salt and baking soda, but anything else may be added. It was generally known as a quick and cheap way of making bread and was extremely popular in Austria, Poland and Britain during the mid-19th century, as were other bakes containing soda. To describe soda bread to someone who has never tasted it before is hard. It’s salty and slightly sweet at the same time, whilst hard and crispy, yet soft too. It’s one of those things you need to experience for yourself.  Continue reading


Smooth Tomato Soup

On the cold winter’s day that was last Saturday, what could be better than soup to warm the cockles of your heart?

On the way to becoming soup

Ranking as one of the top three flavours of soup, and undoubtedly the most famous, much-loved Heinz variety, is Tomato. It may be smooth or chunky, served hot or cold and toppings range from sour cream to croutons. It’s even been named as one of the first things a Polish cook learns to prepare. Well, I thought, my eyes rapidly scanning the BBC Good Food website, I’m not Polish, but this sure looks good. Continue reading



This is a quick notice about a few upcoming changes on the site.

Posting schedule:

I am planning to post once every other day, as my cooking can only take place on the weekend. I’ll try all my recipes then and stagger uploading them throughout the week.

Post quality:

These posts, now more infrequent, will be of better quality and have also perfectly accurate editing. But as always, there is no way I am perfect, and I really appreciate your comments and feedback; I read every one.

The next post will be uploaded tomorrow. Until then, keep on reading and stay true to Ayoungfoodie!


Mini Apple Pies

The new year brought me many things. A new year, a new Lumix G3, a new Hummingbird bakery cook book and some new sweet baking apples. These apples, and the terrible misreading of this recipe, brought me a new mistake. Which actually turned out just fine.

Straight from the oven

There’s actually a funny story behind this one. If you closely inspect the photo, you can test your food knowledge by recognising the pastry I used as puff. And with the amount of filling I used, you are NOT supposed to use puff pastry, as in fact, it puffs up COMPLETELY. Now it’s fine to use puff pastry with this recipe, but just make sure you don’t pile on the filling crazily, like I did. I’m still cleaning the oven out from this recipe.  However, according to my tasters, this made the product more appealing and tastier. (I have no idea how) Continue reading


Apple lattice

OK, some of you are going to notice a theme here: Apple and blackberry crumble, Apple lattice and tomorrow’s post, Mini Apple pies. You get the picture. I love apples.

Fresh from the oven

I came victim to these while wandering down the fruit isle to spot a colony of gorgeous bramleys. I couldn’t resist. Allow knowing I was already loaded with homework, I bought the temptresses of the supermarket and with them, some ready-to-roll puff pastry (yes, I cheated). Continue reading