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Winter Warmer


Frosty the snowman… Winter wonderland… White Christmas… They all have one thing in common, other than Christmas. Snow! Yes, Snow! The white stuff which we all love though you end up getting delayed by hours to get to work or hit in the back of the head by a stupid kid! Yay! Snow! 

Snow is falling...

So. Everyone’s got to have a good drink that you can sip in front of the fire, to help you get through the cold period. You probably have a hot choccie, like many of us tend to do. Not anymore. You now have Phoebe’s-super-awesome-kickass-choccie-cinammon-bubbly-aero thing. Ok, I’ll be honest, I just posted this to show off my garden snow photography and the fact I bought some new Aero cocoa mix, which, might I add, is amazing. Speaking of good chocolates, I might recommend switching the milk for white chocolate. It sounds strange but actually is amazing. Whether you like it or not, we can all agree that’s it’s better than the over-priced, tasteless coffee in a size only big enough for giants to manage, from Starbucks. Which, sadly, I end up sitting in every Friday.

Phoebe's Hot Choccie

Makes: One mug of steaming hot Phoebe’s-super-awesome-kickass-choccie-cinammon-bubbly-aero thing.


1/2 mug milk
1/4 mug water
4 heaped teaspoons of Aero Hot Chocolate
1 stick cinnamon

Where are all my birds?


1. Heat the liquids and pour into a mug. Spoon in the powder and softly stir.
2. Crumble three quarters of the cinammon stick and mix in, but sprinkle the rest on top. Enjoy!


Author: ayoungfoodie

Lover of lomography and typical food-crazed teen. In the process of rekindling her passion for blogging.

10 thoughts on “Winter Warmer

  1. Haha! I love the name of it! Lol 🙂
    I’ve never seen snow. What’s it like?

    • @Socialsisterblog – You shameful girl! But then, I can’t blame you, you do live in Australia! It’s just… wow. You can describe it. It’s like putting all the amazing things in the world in one box.

  2. You’ve been tagged! Check out my blog for deets!!!

  3. i love hot choc have you ever tried it in a cake!!!!

  4. the picture is a give away though that we need more snow!!!! 🙂

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