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Pear Surprise

Surprise! It’s pear surprise! Actually, it’s just pear halves with cream and chocolate sauce and nuts and ice cream. Surprise! Wrong. The real surprise is that a dessert, even easier to make than jelly and ice cream can taste so yummy. When people say the simple things in life are the ones that count, they really do mean it.

Closer look

Ice cream tastes good with fruit. Stat. Fruit tastes good with cream. Stat. Chocolate tastes good with nuts. Stat. I think you get the idea. This pudding could’ve and was probably made up by a child. So you need to keep with the theme and just shove it all into a tall sundae glass, and chuck some sauce on, letting it ooze and drip down the side. I bet you’re salivating now. I know I am. Continue reading