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Even more cupcakes!


Oh, how I do love cupcakes – particularly chocolate. I’ve been cooking them more and more often ever since my friends and I started up Manger Monday – the day of the week where I bring my baked goods to school for them (and every other kid who runs up and steals a cookie!). I probably shouldn’t open the lid of the tin in the locker room, when it’s full of hormonal teenage girls, sweaty and starving from sport; but it’s a sacrifice I put up with.

Iced and ready to eat!

I’ve haven’t attached the recipe, as you’ll find it in many other posts and it is undeniably simple – but after managing to ice a few to a high standard I was pleased with, I went all out on the photography, setting out plates, napkins and even cutlery, moving and adjusting items before finally taking lots of snaps with my camera. So here are my top three.


And one final photo:


Hope you liked my short and sweet (oh the joy of puns) post. I felt I had to give you guys, my dedicated readers something for today, and didn’t have a complex recipe on hand – so dug around my computer files to find these!


Author: ayoungfoodie

Lover of lomography and typical food-crazed teen. In the process of rekindling her passion for blogging.

2 thoughts on “Even more cupcakes!

  1. i can not explain with words how much i love cupcakes!! and yours are lovely!! they look delicious too…:D

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