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Pumpkin and Ginger Cake

If you’ve ever gone to the effort of cooking with, or carving a pumpkin, you’ll agree that it’s a good thing Halloween only comes around once a year. For me, at least, the whole process or halving, scooping, peeling, slicing and grating was a great deal of fun but a great deal of strenuous activity. Snigger away, pumpkin pros, but with the size squash I bought, it really was a mammoth task for me! But I will admit that the fruits of this labour were definitely worth it.

Deliciously spiced!

Deliciously spiced!

As I’m sure you’ve gathered, I spent most of my morning working on this pumpkin, just so I could make a cake (or possibly teabread) from it. And it sure was worth it. Pumpkin, when baked, doesn’t really have a strong flavour, but gives the cake a lot of moisture, and the ginger, naturally much stronger, lends a lovely aftertaste in your mouth a few seconds after eating a slice. But just remember to pat your grated pumpkin dry thoroughly and adjust the cooking time accordingly because if you’re not careful, the cake unknowingly could be a little too wet and doughy in the centre, like mine was. And of course, keep those seeds! Continue reading


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Hunger Games Themed Food: Mini Mockingjay/Bread Loaf Cupcakes

Part 2 of my Hunger Games post is here! In this episode, I have no special recipe for you – just the simple one of a cupcake and a reference; visit this wonderful site –  Savoury Sweet Life – and you will learn to make many things such as the chocolate butter cream I used for this recipe. It’s currently one of my favourite food sites out there at the moment. But I did spend hours slaving away on the golden decorations on the cupcakes you see before you, determined to carve these tiny features from a block of royal icing and then glaze it over with a sun-kissed spray. 

‘Peeta’s bread’

This started off fine – I could easy cut out the shape of a bread loaf with my knife and add little markings on with a toothpick. Then I decided to challenge myself by recreating the famous mockingjay pin – the symbol of Panem’s rebellion – and failed miserably. My hand wasn’t as steady as I would like to think and my ability to etch on intricate details lacks some talent. Ah well. The cakes, intended for my friends were enjoyed by all, and many laughed at my pitiful attempt of a bird. No one could understand how a swordfish  was related to the Hunger Games! Continue reading


Hunger Games Themed Food: Quote Cookies

Alright, I’m not going to lie. As a teenage girl, I couldn’t help but succumb to the latest film craze sweeping our nations – The Hunger Games. Having thoroughly enjoyed the series; a tale of 24 children fighting to the death on a yearly basis, as punishment for the 12 districts who rebelled against the dictating ‘Capitol’ in a dystopian society – I stood in anticipation of the impending film release. Funnily enough, ‘The Hunger Games’ which would be more appropriately named ‘The Death Games’, seeing as the possibility of starvation is rarely mentioned; I stumbled upon this wonderful site – Fictional Food – where the blogger recreates the few foods that do appear in the novels.

The girl (cookie) on fire!

Crystal, the blogger and owner of the site, has a particular recipe aptly named ‘Sweethearts’ – the endearing term an often drunk character gives to the main protagonist – which are really just good old sugar cookies. Following the recipe, which admittedly, I used a conversion table for, I spent quite a long time kneading the incredible amount of dough this mix produces (Please be warned: It does make a hell of a lot!) but it was worth it. The fun and creative part was the engraving of letters into the dough. Using a kit I found tucked away in the back of a cupboard, I cut each one out in a circular shape and then dubbed it with a word. Continue reading


Even more cupcakes!

Oh, how I do love cupcakes – particularly chocolate. I’ve been cooking them more and more often ever since my friends and I started up Manger Monday – the day of the week where I bring my baked goods to school for them (and every other kid who runs up and steals a cookie!). I probably shouldn’t open the lid of the tin in the locker room, when it’s full of hormonal teenage girls, sweaty and starving from sport; but it’s a sacrifice I put up with.

Iced and ready to eat!

I’ve haven’t attached the recipe, as you’ll find it in many other posts and it is undeniably simple – but after managing to ice a few to a high standard I was pleased with, I went all out on the photography, setting out plates, napkins and even cutlery, moving and adjusting items before finally taking lots of snaps with my camera. So here are my top three. Continue reading


50 shades of blue… (Cupcakes)

Looking at the title and image, you may be wondering two things. Firstly, what do cupcakes have to do with the best-selling but quite inappropriate novel by E. L. James? And secondly, what is a cupcake doing in a teacup? 

A real teacake!

I’m going to answer both. Today, whilst shopping, I found a packet of Dr Oetker’s food colouring gels and thought they would be a better answer to my cry for colour than the old fashioned sour tasting liquids. The packet said that it would take 12 or so drops to make the perfect dark blue I wanted. It lied. After going through at least fifty shades of blue and using all the azure gel; I was left with this mockery of navy. I soon cheered up, as to my delight, I found a lovely treasure of my Grandmother’s and decided it would serve as a nice holder for all of my cakes.  Continue reading


Lancashire Cheese and Ham Tart

This is my return from my evil lair – where I spent months watching films, feeling uninspired, revising for exams and even baking cupcakes. I hope to commit a lot more to the site over the next few months and stay more on top of things. 

Loyal to my county!

First things first, I was born in Grimsby. Which I think (hope) is in Lancashire. My geographical skill level is incredibly low. So I am entitled to a rant on how amazing this town and its cheese is. I’ve also visited Holland at least once every year. The amount of cheese they consume is equal the amount of tea we drink. I know. Shocking. So you can tell I like cheese. And with my birth town producing such excellent produce, I knew I had to try and bake with it.

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Hummingbird Caramel Cupcakes

Half term is for happiness. Happiness is for Hummingbird. Hummingbird is for cupcakes..? Well, I couldn’t think of anything else that began with ‘H’. 

Trademark swirl

Caramel in cupcakes? I must say, I’ve never heard it done before, and I’ve certainly never used it in my cooking. Just opening the tin was a whole new experience. Looking at the golden goo, just waiting to ooze out and fall into dollops into my bowl, I couldn’t believe that this would let my cupcakes turn out any way, other than too soggy. Continue reading