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Pumpkin and Ginger Cake

If you’ve ever gone to the effort of cooking with, or carving a pumpkin, you’ll agree that it’s a good thing Halloween only comes around once a year. For me, at least, the whole process or halving, scooping, peeling, slicing and grating was a great deal of fun but a great deal of strenuous activity. Snigger away, pumpkin pros, but with the size squash I bought, it really was a mammoth task for me! But I will admit that the fruits of this labour were definitely worth it.

Deliciously spiced!

Deliciously spiced!

As I’m sure you’ve gathered, I spent most of my morning working on this pumpkin, just so I could make a cake (or possibly teabread) from it. And it sure was worth it. Pumpkin, when baked, doesn’t really have a strong flavour, but gives the cake a lot of moisture, and the ginger, naturally much stronger, lends a lovely aftertaste in your mouth a few seconds after eating a slice. But just remember to pat your grated pumpkin dry thoroughly and adjust the cooking time accordingly because if you’re not careful, the cake unknowingly could be a little too wet and doughy in the centre, like mine was. And of course, keep those seeds! Continue reading



Mini Apple Pies

The new year brought me many things. A new year, a new Lumix G3, a new Hummingbird bakery cook book and some new sweet baking apples. These apples, and the terrible misreading of this recipe, brought me a new mistake. Which actually turned out just fine.

Straight from the oven

There’s actually a funny story behind this one. If you closely inspect the photo, you can test your food knowledge by recognising the pastry I used as puff. And with the amount of filling I used, you are NOT supposed to use puff pastry, as in fact, it puffs up COMPLETELY. Now it’s fine to use puff pastry with this recipe, but just make sure you don’t pile on the filling crazily, like I did. I’m still cleaning the oven out from this recipe.  However, according to my tasters, this made the product more appealing and tastier. (I have no idea how) Continue reading


Apple lattice

OK, some of you are going to notice a theme here: Apple and blackberry crumble, Apple lattice and tomorrow’s post, Mini Apple pies. You get the picture. I love apples.

Fresh from the oven

I came victim to these while wandering down the fruit isle to spot a colony of gorgeous bramleys. I couldn’t resist. Allow knowing I was already loaded with homework, I bought the temptresses of the supermarket and with them, some ready-to-roll puff pastry (yes, I cheated). Continue reading


Crunchy fruit crumble

The other day, I was looking through cookery sites (no suprise there) and found yet another recipe that caught my eye, a sweet one, of course. Now, finally updated to 2012, my new year’s resolution was to cook and blog more. I am succeeding so far.

A golden bake

This is a BBC Food recipe, I found online and again it is well-worth cooking and is a classically simple dessert that can easily be whipped up for a dinner party or sunday lunch. It works well with any ripe and juicy fruit – the fresher the better – but it’s stunning with an apple and blackberry combination. Best of all – it’s good for you too! Continue reading