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Herby Pumpkin Pasta

Yes, I am aware that Halloween was almost two weeks ago and the squash season is quickly fading, but if like me, you can grab some last minute squash before it disappears until next year, go for it. I kept it seasonal and served this dish on all Hallow’s Eve – but you could even have it as a weekday meal. To amp up the spooky atmosphere and prove for an interesting table setting, I put the pasta in my very own pumpkin bowl, that I had spent hours carving out. This is a slightly unusual but nevertheless gorgeous dish, perfect for vegetarians; but fear not fellow meat-lovers – lower the cleavers! Fry a couple of sausages and add for a dish that will satisfy any pangs of meat withdrawals.

A nice end to the spiced Pumpkin season!

A nice end to the spiced Pumpkin season!

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Autumn Squash Soup

If you weren’t aware, Autumn is here. It’s that wonderful time of year again when there’s a chill in the air, leaves turn the most dazzling array of golds and reds and that cozy jumper you’ve been harbouring since last year can come out of the closet. But best of all, Autumn brings a whole new selection of winter veg! And this may seem a slight surprise, but ever since I widened my horizons, cooking with pak choi and various squash, I’ve become a bit of a veggie lover. So this squash soup is the perfect thing to come in from the cold to, especially because it’s got a slight chilli kick that will really warm you up.

No doubt - I'm addicted to the stuff

No doubt – I’m addicted to the stuff

This recipe requires a good kilogram of butternut squash, which fortunately, is going very cheaply at the moment in most supermarkets. And as I’ve mentioned, this was a whole new experience for me, that was very satisfying. Squash is a gorgeous vegetable, which to prepare, you cut off both ends, peel away the thick skin and cut it in two just where the squash begins to widen. After scooping out the soft flesh and seeds, chop up the veggie and roast in the oven. And a final tip: keep every seed you scoop out, as once roasted with a few spices, they’ll be a gorgeous and relatively healthy snack. In a few days, I’ll add a recipe for them. Continue reading


Sweetcorn Fritters with Avocado Salsa

When you say Salsa, you think of passionate dancing in Spain. When you say fritters, you think of American yokels from the deep south; or alternatively, you can think of a Grandma’s Indonesian-style snacks. Whatever floats your boat. I’m not a big fan of spice, if I’m honest, so this Indo-Mexican flavour combo scared me a great deal. Never before had a touched a chill or its sauce. For me, it was a great ordeal.

Salsa with a smidgen of Philly

And now, I’m going to give you a brief crash course on Salsa. Salsa, the spanish word for ‘sauce’ originates in Latin America, and is common in Mexican cuisine, which the dish being used as dips. There are many kinds; the most popular varieties being pineapple, tomato and chilli. To summarise, it’s a cold condiment that is a real crowd pleaser.  Continue reading


Tomato and Basil Bruschetta

Tomato and basil are, in my opinion, a jaw dropping combination, used in many sauces and salads. It is made even better when you add mozzarella to it; then adding some leaves like rocket to make the salad ‘Caprese’. So many have assumed that the combination originates from the isle of Capri, just off the coast of Naples. Tomato and basil are a very famous duo, much like other timeless classics such as lemon and thyme, pork and apple or even chocolate and vanilla.

My Bruschetta (Pronounced Brusketta)

So this is Bruschetta; that wonderful array of herb and fruity flavours on a rustic loaf. It just screams the words ‘Italian’ and ‘Mediterranean’. Yet, I didn’t make mine in the way you usually would. This is a quick fix for a snack or meal – as I speak I’m munching on a piece – but could additionally be upgraded into a wonderful plate of appetizers, by adding further ingredients and preparing the dish with a different method. Therefore, if you want to make it using the more traditional style of using the skins of much larger tomatoes, click here for a particularly good recipe for it. Continue reading


Lancashire Cheese and Ham Tart

This is my return from my evil lair – where I spent months watching films, feeling uninspired, revising for exams and even baking cupcakes. I hope to commit a lot more to the site over the next few months and stay more on top of things. 

Loyal to my county!

First things first, I was born in Grimsby. Which I think (hope) is in Lancashire. My geographical skill level is incredibly low. So I am entitled to a rant on how amazing this town and its cheese is. I’ve also visited Holland at least once every year. The amount of cheese they consume is equal the amount of tea we drink. I know. Shocking. So you can tell I like cheese. And with my birth town producing such excellent produce, I knew I had to try and bake with it.

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Ham, Cheese and Tomato Open Tart

Remember all those apple pastry recipes from the last couple of days? Of course you do. This recipe was taken off the back of the cardboard boxes containing the very same puff pastry I used before. It seemed simple enough. For the magical feat of designing a recipe which tastes amazing and is ‘oh-so-easy’ to make (very few can do this), I give you Jus-Rol’s Ham, Cheese and Tomato Open Tart!

All puffed-up

I am a huge fan of quick and easy recipes that make me look like a supercook, and this is yet another one of them. An open tart is like a pizza, but with a pastry base, rather than a doughy one. The key to success with a tart is a good flavour combination. Whether yours is meat or vegetarian, sweet or savoury, you need to have a bunch of ingredients that complement each other beautifully. Although for my first time I’ve played safe with the classic cheese and tomato combo, for the future I plan to try more exotic tastes. Yes, I will be making this recipe again. And again. And again. If you have to take just one savoury recipe from my food blog, then take this one.  Continue reading