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Mini Apple Pies

The new year brought me many things. A new year, a new Lumix G3, a new Hummingbird bakery cook book and some new sweet baking apples. These apples, and the terrible misreading of this recipe, brought me a new mistake. Which actually turned out just fine.

Straight from the oven

There’s actually a funny story behind this one. If you closely inspect the photo, you can test your food knowledge by recognising the pastry I used as puff. And with the amount of filling I used, you are NOT supposed to use puff pastry, as in fact, it puffs up COMPLETELY. Now it’s fine to use puff pastry with this recipe, but just make sure you don’t pile on the filling crazily, like I did. I’m still cleaning the oven out from this recipe.  However, according to my tasters, this made the product more appealing and tastier. (I have no idea how) Continue reading



Apple lattice

OK, some of you are going to notice a theme here: Apple and blackberry crumble, Apple lattice and tomorrow’s post, Mini Apple pies. You get the picture. I love apples.

Fresh from the oven

I came victim to these while wandering down the fruit isle to spot a colony of gorgeous bramleys. I couldn’t resist. Allow knowing I was already loaded with homework, I bought the temptresses of the supermarket and with them, some ready-to-roll puff pastry (yes, I cheated). Continue reading