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Hunger Games Themed Food: Mini Mockingjay/Bread Loaf Cupcakes

Part 2 of my Hunger Games post is here! In this episode, I have no special recipe for you – just the simple one of a cupcake and a reference; visit this wonderful site –  Savoury Sweet Life – and you will learn to make many things such as the chocolate butter cream I used for this recipe. It’s currently one of my favourite food sites out there at the moment. But I did spend hours slaving away on the golden decorations on the cupcakes you see before you, determined to carve these tiny features from a block of royal icing and then glaze it over with a sun-kissed spray. 

‘Peeta’s bread’

This started off fine – I could easy cut out the shape of a bread loaf with my knife and add little markings on with a toothpick. Then I decided to challenge myself by recreating the famous mockingjay pin – the symbol of Panem’s rebellion – and failed miserably. My hand wasn’t as steady as I would like to think and my ability to etch on intricate details lacks some talent. Ah well. The cakes, intended for my friends were enjoyed by all, and many laughed at my pitiful attempt of a bird. No one could understand how a swordfish  was related to the Hunger Games! Continue reading



Super-easy Soda Bread

Never had I ever made bread from scratch before Saturday and boy, do I want to make it again. This was part of the three-course meal I made for my Dad and serves as a delicious accompaniment for the tomato soup recipe I recently gave you. This recipe was taken from my cousin’s brilliant food site (monksandhiggsonfood.co.uk) and is all her own. I think.

Golden AND Delicious

Soda bread appears in various cuisines and is a type of bread where bicarbonate of soda is used to raise the dough, not yeast. The traditional recipe includes buttermilk, flour, salt and baking soda, but anything else may be added. It was generally known as a quick and cheap way of making bread and was extremely popular in Austria, Poland and Britain during the mid-19th century, as were other bakes containing soda. To describe soda bread to someone who has never tasted it before is hard. It’s salty and slightly sweet at the same time, whilst hard and crispy, yet soft too. It’s one of those things you need to experience for yourself.  Continue reading